Our team of bricklaying experts are the best at installing long-lasting retaining walls. We have helped numerous businesses in Melbourne solidify their property by creating high-quality retaining walls.


Our wall-building and bricklaying services are guaranteed to do the following: 

  • Maximize functional support for retaining the structure and health of your backyard soil. 

  • Prevent sinkholes.

  • Eliminate all dirt piles polluting the property.

  • Put an end to tedious cleaning and maintenance.

  • Reduce soil erosion.

  • Provide a layer of protection to your property and its surrounding structures.


In order to implement all of these goals, our expert bricklayers plan a lot even before touching a trowel. With these objectives in mind, we conduct a property evaluation to determine what type of construction plan or design will be ideal for your retaining wall project.

We use the information obtained from these tests to make key decisions such as:

  • The method of applying the retaining walls.

  • The style of wall that’s best for your construction site (straight, split face, rock face, sloping curves, etc.). 

  • The depth of the footing.

  • Whether your property needs some form of reinforcement.

  • Which material will be the best for your property (poured concrete, concrete blocks, sandstone, limestone, etc.).


As a leading bricklayer in Melbourne for decades, we have realisd that stunning decor aesthetics and eye-catching wall designs are only achievable if we have a clear understanding of your property’s location and the environmental factors that will be affecting your wall. Our experience in planning and executing retaining wall constructions all across South East Melbourne gives us an edge when it comes to offering guarantees. None of our constructions in the past have ever been hazardous or faced collapse. We address all potential risks to the wall’s structure early in the design phase. Our experts are always available for consultation. 


Understanding Our Process

Even though we always strive to be the most affordable bricklayers in Melbourne, our retaining wall construction process is extremely nuanced. It’s built on years of experience in residential and commercial bricklaying.


Our process can be broken down into these steps: 

  • Discussing client objectives.

  • Preparing the site. 

  • Pre-planning the construction, estimating resource requirements. 

  • Creating comprehensive gravity charts, wall height evaluations, etc.

  • Assisting in the process of obtaining permits from local authorities. 

  • Starting the retaining wall construction process. 

  • Reinforcing the walls with high-quality material. 

  • Building additional structures linked to the retaining wall.

  • Finish the project.

Our work isn’t over after the project is complete. We are always available for reassessments, repairs, etc. 


Why Choose Melbourne Pro Bricklaying to Build Your Block Retaining Wall?

  • We offer the most affordable high-quality bricklaying service in Melbourne.

  • Our constructions are proven to be extremely resilient at enduring moisture and other environmental factors.

  • Our retaining wall constructions never rot, bend, or face other forms of disfigurement.

  • We take steps to address damage from termites or other insects. 

  • Our retaining walls aid in the elimination of soil erosion and flooding risks.

  • We can boost your property’s drainage system. 

We help in providing maximum protection to both your above-ground and underground structures. So, are you ready to add impeccable structure and aesthetic elegance to your prized property? Call Melbourne Pro Bricklaying!

Photo is of feature bricklaying in Melbo