Every home needs precise and high-quality brickwork. If your home lacks top-quality brickwork, its structural integrity can be damaged. At Melbourne Pro Bricklaying, we cater to this aspect with utmost care and precision. Our high-quality repair work focuses on reinvigorating the structural brickwork in our clients’ homes, irrespective of how badly damaged it may be. 


What Our Brick Repair Services Achieve  

  • Our bricklaying repair services reverse years of mistreatment and neglect.

  • We address all improper maintenance issues of the past.

  • Our team of expert bricklayers adopt a ‘reverse engineering’ approach while repairing brick walls and structures. Doing so helps us discover and address various hidden problems with the brick walls and other brick structures. 


When to Call Us

Whether you need fireplace renovation or a complete structural revamp of your brick walls, our bricklaying services can instantly resolve issues such as:  

  • Bulging walls

  • Cracks in your home’s brickwork

  • Replacing low-quality mortars and sealants 

  • Applying damp patches (internal and external)

  • Water damage on your brickwork from drainage issues

  • Loose or cracked pointing

  • Replacing disintegrated bricks


Our Approach

While conducting brickwork or fireplace repairs, our team of experts first assess the structure and the extent of the damage. In most of our projects, we find that brick walling damage is caused by several factors. 

  • Poor foundations 

  • Ground expansion/contraction

  • Exposure to moisture

  • Tree root damage

  • Improper placement of joints 

Our repair work identifies and addresses these issues with maximum precision. As experienced bricklayers in Melbourne, we often experience these external factors during our projects. 

Fireplace Repairs Melbourne 

We specialise in fireplace repairs in Melbourne. Our fireplace renovations are comprehensive and long-lasting. We offer: 

  • Flexibility – we work with bricks, stones, and other types of materials (marble, granite, red bricks, etc.)

  • The perfect mixture of art and utility with our brick fireplaces.

  • A reduction in utility costs thanks to our smart repair techniques. 

  • Customisation – we are open to working with fireplaces of all sizes. 


Why Melbourne Pro Bricklaying is Your Best Choice for Repair Work 

Years of conducting brickwork and fireplace repairs in Melbourne have given our workers the perfect understanding of the structural aspects of various construction materials. Be it addressing moisture penetration or solving structural cracks – our repair work focuses on rectifying all types of problem, irrespective of how persistent the damages are. We ensure that you receive: 

  • Replacement bricks of the same size and texture, but increased durability. 

  • Materials from the best suppliers in Melbourne who produce high-quality brick products. 

  • Perfect replacement of severely damaged bricks.

  • Replacement of soft and ineffective mortar with high-quality lime mortar.


Good brick repair work can add a new lease of life to your property. Be it a multi-storey commercial building or a simple residence – all of our repair projects are carried out with reasonable expenses. 


Our techniques of cleaning and repairing brickwork are unprecedented in the industry. After completing our projects, we inform our clients about any potential risks they may face in the future. We equip them with tools and information that ensure the long-standing health of their brick structures. 

To take advantage of our comprehensive brick repair solutions, fill in the contact form now and we will get back to you promptly.