Melbourne Pro Bricklaying has been offering high quality brick fence constructions in the city for many years. We employ expert bricklayers who construct fencing that boosts the aesthetics and valuation of homes. Our bricklaying services are completely adjustable – we assess your home, backyard, and other external settings and discuss the plan thoroughly with you before launching your construction project. With Melbourne Pro Bricklaying, you are guaranteed to receive: 

  • Top-quality brick and block fences made with the best materials in the market. 

  • Customized brick letterbox and fence constructions that perfectly suit your home’s aesthetic. 

  • Well-planned construction processes that include helping you get necessary council permits. 

  • Expert assistance in designing your external décor. 

  • Fast and seamless upgrades, repairs and restoration projects that bring new life to old structures. 

The Best Materials  

Having a good-looking and sturdy fence is vital for any property. Flaunt the stand-out property in your neighbourhood with our customized bricklaying services. We have access to the best material suppliers in the market. So, you can choose from: 

  • Solid brick fences

  • Brick pillar and aluminium combinations

  • Brick and wrought iron fences

  • Steel and brick fences

  • Concrete, cement, or double-brick fences 

  • Cedar brick fences


Long-Lasting Fences    

Our ability to create long-lasting fences makes us one of the most trustworthy bricklaying companies in Melbourne. Materials like cedar or steel are all known to be extremely durable. But installing block fences without taking durability precautions can cause these typically durable materials to deteriorate in less than five years. So, we use multiple techniques to prevent rot and water damage.

  • We strategically place our blocks and fences with enough space to enable free drainage. 

  • If you wish to use concrete, we make sure that it’s installed in a way that drives water away from the posts.

  • We use top-quality silicone or acrylic latex caulk on all of our creations, particularly the ones that contain concrete. These sealants close the tiny gaps amidst the concrete layers and the brick posts so that there’s no scope for damage caused by seasonal contraction and extraction.

  • We advise our clients to use dense, pest-resistant, and weather-resistant materials. 

Unique Styles and Designs

Being the leading bricklayers in Melbourne, we are masters at both open and closed brick fencing construction. 

  • Maximise privacy and security with our sophisticated closed brick fencing constructions. 

  • Add depth, class, and aesthetic appeal to your properties with open brick fences. 

  • Build high or low fences, depending on your property style. 

  • Replace rotten fence posts. 


At Melbourne Pro Bricklaying every project is important to us, irrespective of the size, type of materials, construction style or the price involved. Call now to take advantage of the care and attention to detail of our team that delivers successful results with every project.