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If you are looking for the most reliable and affordable Bricklayers in Melbourne, you are in the right place.

Melbourne Pro Bricklaying brings decades of combined experience to bricklaying projects large and small all across Melbourne’s South East. From small home repair jobs to commercial brick and blockwork, we deliver the finest craftsmanship every time. Our team of veteran bricklayers use their knowledge and skills to cut down time, cost, and resource requirements to save you money while delivering the highest quality brickwork.

Thanks to our years of experience in the industry, we get access to the best materials from the leading contractors. Then, with care and attention to detail, we  build classy and unique structures that are guaranteed to add grace and beauty to your property. From block fences to stunning brick fireplaces, we take on construction and renovation projects of all sizes.


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Explore the benefits of having classy brick fencing on your property. Brick fences add style to properties by creating a classic look that boosts security and privacy at the same time. From seeking council permits to leaving your property looking pristine, we approach each step with the utmost care.

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We specialise in all aspects of brick repair including fireplaces, chimney repairs, front fence repairs and are even able to help with insurance jobs. We'll do our best to ensure we match the existing bricks and mortar to create a seamless repair. Contact our Melbourne Bricklayers for more infomation


Our professional team of bricklayers thoroughly assess property factors such as soil type and structural weight to recommend the best retaining wall design for your home. We also remodel old retaining walls. Our services not only provide structural support for sections of your garden or property, but reduce the risk of inefficient draining or soil erosion, whilst adding value to your property.



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Undertaking a domestic construction or repair project in Melbourne’s South East is a complicated process because there are a lot of factors that you need to consider. Without a reliable provider of bricklaying services, you can damage your property valuation. Melbourne Pro Bricklaying is one the most reliable bricklaying companies Melbourne because our domestic bricklaying skills allow us to deliver a variety of different constructions with both quality and efficiency. From home extensions to retaining walls –our team of expert yet affordable bricklayers combine high-quality materials with exemplary workmanship to add elegance to all types of domestic structures. We cater to domestic clients looking for bricklayers in Melbourne to work on their own projects, as well builders looking for bricklayers in Melbourne.

Our domestic bricklaying services cover:

  • Home Extensions – Homeowners may decide to go for home extensions at some point in time. We are masters of top-quality home extension projects. You can rest assured all specifications will be met, no matter the size or scope of your extension project. 

  • New Homes – Since we specialise in all types of domestic brick laying services and blockwork, we also work in the construction of new homes. Design and build your new home with the help of our team. Be it exterior or interior brickwork or installing structures such as chimneys – our services are extremely customised thanks to our decades of experience in providing high quality bricklaying services.

  • Retaining Walls – Add security, structure, and value to your property by investing in attractive retaining walls that boost your outdoor space. We construct all types of garden and retaining walls. 

  • Brick Garages - We build some of the best quality brick garages Melbourne has and are able to offer advice for the planning and permit process.


Why Choose Melbourne Pro Bricklaying for Your Domestic Projects? 

  • We create detailed brickwork plans with drawings and blueprints that incorporate vital details such as site location, environmental factors, etc.

  • Get access to the best grades of bricks in South East Melbourne thanks to our contacts.

  • We can level your property by efficiently preparing its surface using high-quality materials.

  • We specialise in both manual and mechanical brick handling –whatever suits your construction requirements! 

  • We assist in obtaining permits from local authorities. 

  • Make your domestic space completely damp-proof.

  • We prepare the most resilient laying mortar that ensures long-term durability. 

  • Our team also repairs and maintains ageing clay blocks or bricks.


Are you looking build a new extension? Add a retaining wall? Looking for one of the best brick garage builders Melbourne has?  Call us for a free consultation! 


The external structures that surround your home are as important as the internal structures in many ways. They shape your property’s identity. At Melbourne Pro Bricklaying, we specialize in constructing and renovating top-quality external structures. The planters and letterboxes we install add both aesthetic appeal and functionality to the exterior regions of your home. Our team of experienced bricklayers add value to your property by creating high-quality block letterboxes and planters. 

How Melbourne Pro Bricklaying’s Letterboxes Add Value to Your Property 

One of the first things a visitor notices when they enter your property is the letter box. Apart from receiving mail, letterboxes also serve an important décor purpose. But we focus not only on the aesthetic appeal of your letterbox, we also ensure that they’re durable and effective at dealing with external pollutants. Since brick lasts much longer than wood, we specialise in creating stylish brick letterboxes. With our bricklaying service, you can get a letterbox that has the following qualities:

  • Is durable and waterproof.

  • Provides convenience when it comes to receiving mail.

  • Boosts curb appeal.


Planters to Boost Community Presence 

Increasing green space in local communities is very important for natives of South East Melbourne. We at Melbourne Pro Bricklaying have been at the centre of this green revolution, creating well-sculpted planters that not only catch the eye, but also create safe spaces for plant growth. The planters we install are ideal for both commercial and residential applications, working just as perfectly outdoors as they do indoors. By teaming up with us you can get planters that: 

  • Support small trees or extensive canopies.

  • Are customized for your urban gardening needs.

  • Add years to your veggie patches.

  • Make the most appealing community courtyard. 

Our creative team measure all aspects of your property to construct site-specific planters and letterboxes. Our decades of experience in providing top-quality bricklaying services in Melbourne give us a distinct reputation. 

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"Fantastic work, our brick fence looks great"

- Tim, Bayside

"Very happy with how our rear extension came up. The team came on a few days notice and were in and out in a matter of days."

- Graham N, Bentleigh


Melbourne Pro Bricklaying has helped countless local businesses in the south east suburbs of Melbourne create eye-catching installations on their property via top-quality bricklaying services. Our detailed commercial bricklaying projects are renowned for being long-lasting and cost effective. 

We are one of the leading commercial bricklaying companies Melbourne has to offer: 

  • Our team of experts have years of experience dealing with blocks. Knowing when to use blocks and how to lay them is a subtle art. 

  • Our commercial bricklaying services are highly advanced. Instead of using costly materials such as conventional clay bricks, we use cement blocks which are cheaper and more durable. 

  • We test our materials thoroughly. Our team allocates materials for our commercial bricklaying projects based on the materials’ density, size and cost. Each job site is different and has different material requirements. Our thorough resource allocation makes sure that our constructions are flexible.

  • Add reinforcement to your commercial structures. 


In the past, we’ve undertaken numerous large-scale commercial construction projects such as schools and offices. Some of the commercial structures that we’ve worked on in the past include:

  • Basements or parking lots

  • Retention walls

  • Block repairs on numerous commercial buildings

  • Lintel installation 

  • All types of block installations

Why Choose Melbourne Pro Bricklaying for Commercial Bricklaying Projects?

  • Affordability – Despite rising prices in the construction industry, Melbourne Pro Bricklaying has continued to be one of the most affordable bricklayers in Melbourne for both commercial and domestic projects. We specialize in cutting down logistical costs. Also, we have access to the best suppliers who provide us with excellent construction products and resources at the best prices. We pride ourselves on being some of the most competitve bricklayers Melbourne has.

  • Time-Efficiency - The highest benchmark of bricklaying services is time-efficiency. Knowing that your commercial reputation is at stake, our team of experts always finish projects ahead of time. The more detailed a plan is, the lesser time it takes for execution! 

  • Reputation Boost – Our track record of commercial bricklaying projects speaks for itself. We specialize in boosting commercial property valuations by offering the best Commercial Bricklaying Melbourne that money can buy! 


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